Frequently Asked Questions

No, it will not hurt your chances. RaMP is specifically geared toward first and second year students with little or no research experience. The majority of students applying will have no prior research experience. While you may not have research experience, it is likely that you have participated in activities or involvement that has helped you develop skills that will be useful in a lab setting, so be sure to think through those possible connections as you are crafting your resume and cover letter.

You may apply to a maximum of five projects this year. The only circumstance in which you will be permitted to apply to greater than five projects is if you do not match with any of your choices. At this time, you would be permitted to apply to projects who are still accepting applications.

The cover letter should be no more than one page, single-spaced.

Please do your best to keep your resume to one page (front only).

Yes, you may still apply. It is highly encouraged that you review the Info Session PowerPoint on the main page - this will provide you with a bit of the information that will be shared during the info sessions.

Yes, you may still apply. The presentations do give students an opportunity to interact with prospective mentors, however, the mentor PowerPoint presentations can be found on the main RaMP page so that you can get a feel for the project itself. The presentations are not recorded.

We recommend applying earlier in the application window rather than later. The application closes on Friday, November 1. Mentors are able to start offering positions as early as 8am on Monday, November 4. You could be at a disadvantage if you wait until the last minute to apply, since mentors may have already been interviewing interested students.

UHP students accepted to RaMP complete RaMP as a pre-approved honors experience. This honors experience counts towards the 5 honors experiences required to graduate from the UHP. In this, students are completing an academic experience through RaMP. 

Students can sometimes register for course credit for research if offered by their academic department. The course a student registers for may be called “Undergraduate Research”, “Independent Study”, or something similar. The course will not be an “open enrollment” course, but rather a “permission only” course where the department’s Undergraduate Director and/or the student’s Research Supervisor clear the student to register the credits. Students should check their departmental website for information specific to their degree program.

How many credits do I register?

For each credit the student registers, they are expected to spend at least 3 hours of work per week X 15 weeks (45 hours/semester) on the project. A department is likely to require a student to register for at least 3 research credits to satisfy an upper level elective or capstone requirement (3 credits = 9-10 hours X 15 weeks or 135-150 hours/semester on the project). Students may register for as many credits as they wish, but there is often a limited number that can be used to fulfill a degree requirement. Students should check their departmental website for information specific to their degree program.