ARTE3041/NS3041: From Neurons to Picasso

How and Why the Brain Makes Art

Instructor: Kristopher Holland & Ilya Vilinsky

Offered: Spring 2022 - Th 5:00pm-7:50pm

Location: WOLFSON 5330A

Class #: 45117, 45116


This course investigates how and why the brain makes art. In order to explore the basics of neuroscience and art this course combines the fields of scientific and art inquiry. The brain is an increasingly understood, but still ultimately mysterious part of the human body. At a basic level this course explores the connections between art and science. Topics include: Human Evolution, Neuroscience, The Embodied Mind, The Emergence of Art, The Perception of Form, Color and Motion, The Philosophy of Technology, The Learning Sciences, Reason, Consciousness, and Aesthetics. 

Students will not be required to have knowledge of neuroscience, design (ontological design), evolutionary theory, or contemporary art to be in this course. Rather, we envision this course as a way to create informed explorers and connoisseurs of neuroscience, art and design inquiry that understand and articulate the way scientists and artists-designers have, in both ancient and modern times, employed research methods and technologies to make sense of the world around them.

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