CATH3000/INTR3000: The Human Condition


This course conducts a wisdom-seeking inquiry into the human condition along the axes of mind, body, and soul with an eye toward the ethics of everyday life. It seeks, in other words, helpful insights into a true humanism, into the very meaning and practical characteristics of flourishing. Readings privilege primary texts representing major historical periods, world cultures, and diverse perspectives. Assignments stress critical and analytical thought, drawing upon knowledge obtained in this course and in earlier foundation courses.

Important to Note

This is a combined section. Please meet with your advisor prior to enrolling to ensure that you will receive course credit in the correct department.

I was not sure what to think coming into the class, but the readings were fantastic, the discussions were insightful, and everything we did was clearly applicable to living a good life. I would be hard pressed to point to a more meaningful experience during my time here at UC.

Spring 21 student

This is the type of class that has and will change lives, and I am very grateful to have been a part of it.

Spring 21 student

The things I have learned from this class will affect not only my professional life but enrich my personal life as well. Writing the final paper was a great summation of everything I’ve taken to heart and will rely on in the future. Your classes have made the biggest impact on me as an undergraduate by pushing me to improve my time management, my analysis, and my writing.

Spring 21 student