INTR2030: Frontiers of Technology


This honors seminar allows students to explore the frontiers of technology needed for the 21st century in the critical area of water sustainability and to uncover opportunities in these frontiers related to their disciplines. In this course, Honors students, in their interdisciplinary teams, will focus on one technology, but each member of the team will explore areas related to her/his major as part of the technology studied by the team. For example, business students may explore logistics of introducing new technologies to consumers; design students may explore the usability and safety of related design and determine new design trends; engineering and science students may explore the science related to the technology as well as technical design, and social science students may explore social and ethical issues.  The entire team will study sustainability issues related to the technology and explore innovative applications and products related to the technology. Team members will help in educating the rest of the team about their findings. The expected outcomes of this class include Integrated Educational Modules (report, video, references, and simple experiments) that can be used to educate the broader UC student population on technology being used/developed to solve water sustainability issues as one of the major challenges facing the world today.

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