JOUR2050: Travel Writing in Iceland

UHP group with flag in Iceland

Instructor: Jenny Wohlfarth

Offered: Fall 2022

Location: TBD

Class #: TBD

COVID-19 Acknowledgment

Travel viability will be determined on August 1, 2022, based on US Department of State travel warning levels. Iceland is currently designated a Level 4: Do Not Travel. If the US Department of State lowers Iceland to at least a Level 3 before August 1, 2022 then we will plan to travel in December over winter break. If Iceland is still a Level 4 on August 1 then travel will not commence this fall semester. 


In this Honors course, we’ll explore a variety of approaches to writing about travel and place (e.g., destination articles, journey pieces, travel narratives, outdoor recreation, historical pieces, etc.). Through in-class and out-of-class writing assignments, travel journals and assigned readings about travel destinations around the world, you'll learn about contemporary applications in travel writing and explore its many forms, techniques and styles. You’ll get hands-on practice in journalistic writing skills, learning how to incorporate observation, in-depth research and informal interviews into your narrative travel writing, plus you'll practice the fine art of “being there.” And, of course, you’ll learn a lot about Iceland, specifically, through readings, discussions, presentations and class guests. We’ll explore Iceland’s culture, history, natural wonders, folklore, language, politics and people as we prepare for our trip at the end of the semester! Plus, you'll have an opportunity to research a particular aspect of Icelandic culture that deeply interests you, and share what you’ve learned. 

Outside in Iceland
Iceland from above
landscape photo of sunset
class photo in Iceland
Horseback riding in Iceland

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