JUDC3100/HIST3100/RELG3100: Studying the Past, Saving the Present

New Paradigms for Peace in Israel-Palestine


This interdisciplinary seminar examines ancient sites in Israel-Palestine where people of different ethnic and religious persuasion lived side by side often in peace and sometimes in conflict. The course examines what conditions led to peaceful relations and why conflict sometimes erupted. It particularly focuses on how people of various groups in a community chose to interpret symbols in art and literature in ways that promoted  amity as well as how changes in these interpretations caused the breakdown of society. Students will also learn about grassroots efforts to ameliorate the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by meeting with involved Arabs and Jews in Palestine and then come up with their own proposals for advancing grassroots peace drawing on what they have learned about successes and failures in the past and the present to promote inter-communal peace in antiquity. The course includes virtual engagement with community members in Israel-Palestine.