Spring 2022 Seminars

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Study Tours

Spring 22 Study Tours
Course Number Title Class# Day/Time Instructor BoK
EVST3014 On the River: Experiencing the Brazilian Amazon TBD TBD Matter, Stephen & Tepe, Eric TBD
HIST3096 or HIST3097 The Big Apple and The Queen City: The History of New York and Cincinnati in Literature, and Physical Space TBD TBD Steinert, Anne Delano TBD
HIST3096 or HIST3097 Global History of WWII: Ideology, Culture, Politics TBD TBD Zalar, Jeff TBD
HNRS3065 Art, Architecture, and Engineering in Ancient Rome:  The Roman Experience TBD TBD Rassati, Gian & Swanson, James TBD
JOUR2050 Travel Writing in Iceland TBD TBD Wohlfarth, Jenny TBD


Honors Seminars
Course Number Title Class# Day/Time Instructor BoK
ARTE3005 Dance in the City TBD TBD Bastos, Flavia & Andrews, Kimber SCE, FA
From Neurons to Picasso: How and Why the Brain Makes Art TBD TBD Holland, Kristopher & Vilinsky, Ilya FA, NS
CSD TBD Democratizing Healthcare: A Discourse on Equity and Action TBD TBD Knox-Kazimierczuk, Françoise & Hobek, Amy TBD
ENED3050 Biodesign Challenge TBD TBD Gaskins, Whitney & Sheth, Nandita TI, NS
ENGL & CCM TBD Poetic Justice: Exploring Agency, Ownership, and Responsibility in Narratives TBD TBD Brant, Russell & Zamora, Felicia TBD
ENGL2089 (honors sections only) Intermediate Composition - Honors
TBD TBD See Catalyst N/A
ENVE3000 Borrowing the Earth from Our Children TBD TBD Lu, Mingming & Jacobs, Teri SCE, NS
GEOL/PHIL TBD Dinosaurs, Dragons, and Dogma TBD TBD Miller, Joshu & Biener, Zvi TBD
INTR3002 Power and Politics of Data TBD TBD Koshoffer, Amy HU
LAW2002 Blind Injustice TBD TBD Godsey, Mark SS, SCE
MUHS & Medicine TBD Music and Memory TBD TBD Fiol, Stefan & Shatz, Rhonna TBD
PD TBD Human Futures Think Tank - The Future of Work TBD TBD Bradley, Aaron TBD