Amanda Sant

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What I love most about UHP

What I love most about UHP are the opportunities it provides! I am able to take so many amazing classes and some of them let me travel around the world to see things that I have only ever dreamed of! It is also such a community and a place to make instant connections with people that will become close friends!

Favorite honors experience

I am really looking forward to hopefully studying abroad this coming summer with the acting department! I will take what I have learned from both CCM and UHP and put my best foot forward into this new connection being made that will help me get farther in the future!

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Best UC moment so far

My favorite moment so far has to be getting my family in acting. We got paired with upperclassmen so we would have someone to reach out to, and I truly got so lucky getting some of the best people I could have imagined! We had a family dinner and made all the food together and it was such a core memory for me!

Let yourself have fun! Life goes by faster than you realize, and if you spend all your time thinking about things you wish you did then you're missing out on making the things you could be doing.

What's next?

Next for me is "Transmigration" with CCM acting in the spring!

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