Soumya Jaiswal


What I love most about UHP

There are no restrictions on what you can or cannot accomplish in UHP. Everyone wants to see their peers succeed and the advisors support us in creating our own unique honors experiences.

Favorite honors experience

Creating a short film about Women in STEM and young Girl Scouts.

Soumya and a friend taking a selfie in a large rounded mirror
Soumya Jaiswal with a book in front of large library shelves

Best UC moment so far

Finding hidden roofs and gardens all across campus (hint: check out the pharmacy school!)

Be true to your passions and forge your own path. It might be compelling to follow your peers, but what makes you different is what makes you excellent. Figure out what only you can contribute to the world and throw your whole self into it.

What's next?

I graduate with a BS in Medical Sciences in the spring of 2023, and will be matriculating into the UC College of Medicine.

Soumya and friends on film
Soumya and friends taking a mirror selfie in a colorful pink room