Estimated Room Availability Status

In effort to assist residents in planning for their room selection timeslot, this page provides an estimate of remaining availability by community. University Housing suggests that roommate groups monitor this page as they approach their timeslot, in order to have multiple plans in place should their preferred community have very limited availability.

The table below will be updated regularly while room selection timeslots are scheduled. Note that these are not real-time estimates.

Periodic Estimates

Note that even if all beds have been assigned in a community, beds may become available at any time due to cancellations. Remember, this table does not represent real-time availability. The estimated availability refers primarily to available beds, not necessarily available rooms.

Room Availability Key:

  • All beds assigned: currently no beds available in the selection pool; location may not be visible in housing portal
  • Very limited: few beds available, hall nearly full; unlikely to accommodate entire roommate group
  • Moderate: many beds and rooms available; some limitations on room-types
  • Open: most or all room-types in the community still available; roommate groups easily accommodated

Most recent update to table:  3:15 p.m., Friday, June 18

Estimate of remaining availability by building/community
Community Estimated Availability
Other Details
Campus Rec Center Hall All beds assigned  
Dabney Hall
Daniels Hall Open  
Marian Spencer Hall
All beds assigned  
Morgens Hall All beds assigned   
Scioto Hall
All beds assigned   
Siddall Hall Open limited female rooms remaining
Stratford Heights  Moderate  
The Deacon All beds assigned  
The Eden Open    
Turner Hall All beds assigned   
University Edge All beds assigned  
University Park Apt Moderate   
U Square Moderate   
101 East Corry All beds assigned  

Calhoun Hall will be under renovation for 2021-22, and Schneider Hall will remain unavailable for the 2021-22 academic year as part of the university's COVID-19 response plan.