How to Accept Graduate Housing Offer

Offers are sent to UC email accounts if an available apartment matches preferred apartment type and desired move-in dates.  Complete the following steps within two business days of receiving an offer email:


  1. Visit our application page.
  2. Click APPLY NOW.
  3. Click Log In at the top of the navigation bar. Log in using your UC username and password.  This step will be skipped if you are already logged into the portal.
  5. Click CONTINUE for term Monthly Rental 2020-2021 on the Term Selector page.
  6. Indicate whether you are accepting or declining the offer by using the drop-down menu. Click SAVE & CONTINUE.
  7. Enter your student number to accept or decline the offer. Click SAVE & CONTINUE.
  8. You can go back to search for roommates by pressing the hot link above roommate search.  Use the hot links on the page to search by details after you have answered the monthly rental profile questions and written your profile.
  9. Read the vaccination information, check whether you have had the two vaccines listed and check the box to indicate that you have read the information provided. Click SAVE & CONTINUE.
  10. Complete the monthly rentals occupant form if applicable. You may need to log in to Office 365 to submit your answers. Click SAVE & CONTINUE.
  11. Click SAVE & CONTINUE at the Pay Application Fee page.
  12. Review the application fee charge ($50). Click PAY NOW. Pay the $50 fee at the shopping cart page.
  13. You will be brought to the page that indicates you have successfully accepted your room offer. You will be sent instructions on how to pay the security deposit once all the tenants in the unit accept their offers and pay their application fees.
  14. Email our office to verify the names and UC usernames for any additional tenants to include on the lease. Tenants must be UC students, faculty or staff members.