Housing Search

Whether you are a graduate student, an incoming freshman, transfer, or current student who cannot secure housing within University Housing communities, other options are available. We recommend reviewing the tips provided to ensure you secure the best fit for you.

  • The search tools page has a list of property management companies that have apartments and other properties in the area near the Uptown campuses.  In addition, there is a link to the search portal sponsored by UC Student Government.
  • Review the rental scams page to learn how to avoid becoming a victim of a housing rental scam.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • We encourage you to interview prospective roommates to determine if you might be compatible roommates.  Honest, up front and ongoing communication is important for successful roommate relationships.
  • Finally, consider these leasing tips while securing housing.  Remember that a lease is a contract with significant legal and financial obligations.  Read leases carefully before signing them.  Avoid making assumptions about whether you will be able to break the lease early, shorten the lease term or whether you can sublet.  This includes leases or housing agreements for UC-managed properties.