Summer Resident Transition to Fall


Students transitioning to their fall room assignment should move to their fall assignment beginning Thursday, Aug. 5, and completed by Saturday, August 7.

Checkout and Check-in

Keys for fall assignments should be picked up at the Service Center of your summer location beginning at 10 a.m., Thursday, Aug. 5.

For example, your summer assignment is Marian Spencer Hall, and you will be moving to 101 E Corry for fall. You will pick up your key at the Marian Spencer Hall Service Center, when you check out.


Once you have all your belongings out of your room and are ready to checkout, go to your hall's Service Center or contact the RA on-call to be checked out by a staff member.

  • You may move out at any time of day (even non-business hours). Please note that front desk staff will be available between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. should you need to speak with someone directly. 
  • Carts to move belongings will be available at each hall, but if you have a rolling cart, and can bring it with you, it may speed up your move.
  • Bring storage containers or boxes, if you can, to minimize trips in and out of the building.
  • Please care for yourself and your fellow Bearcats by not overcrowding elevators. We ask that you limit to one family at a time while using the elevator. 

You must remove all belongings, food and trash, and leave room in good condition. Follow these steps to avoid addtional fees being placed on your account.

  1. Empty, clean, and unplug/defrost the microfridge, empty all closets, drawers, high storage spaces and desk drawers.
  2. Sweep the floor and remove all trash.
  3. Remove any nails, command strips, sticky tack, tape, etc. from the walls.
  4. Report any broken furniture or burned-out light bulbs to the RA or Desk Assistant upon checkout.

Due to COVID restrictions this year, the hall staff will be doing damage checks after the halls have closed. The Room Condition Report (RCR) will be filled out during those checks by hall staff.

Please do not have any packages shipped to your summer address after Aug. 5, 2021. Please do not have packages shipped to your fall residence before Aug. 13. Packages will not be fowarded and may be subject to being returned to sender. 

Once you have checked out, you will lose card access to the hall. You will not be able to re-enter the hall after this time. Be sure to take everything with you.

  • You are required to remove all personal belongings. You will not be able to check out until you have done so. The university does not assume responsibility for abandoned property.
  • Hall closing and re-opening are especially high-risk times for property theft. Do not leave property unattended or leave property visible in your unattended vehicle, even if it is locked. 

Continuous (24-hour) quiet hours begin at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 2, and continue until the end of summer semester, Aug. 6, 2021. Please respect others’ needs to sleep and study. Failure to observe quiet hours may result in conduct referral or being required to check out early. 

For information about dining options, please visit Food Services.