UC's Racial Awareness Program

RAPP - also known as the Racial Awareness Program works to fight oppression through individual awareness and collective action.

This award winning program is one of the longest running intensive intergroup dialogue programs in the nation. The office of Student Activities & Leadership Development is proud to support this historical and impactful program. 

RAPP Offerings

There are three ways to get involved in UC's Racial Awareness Program:

  • RAPP 9-month intensive: A 9-month intensive experiential learning program where students challenge, debate, and educate each other on issues of social positioning and social justice.
  • Accelerating Racial Justice (ARJ): A 5-day intensive that begins two weeks before fall semester classes begin, where students develop knowledge and skills related to racial justice and inclusive leadership.
  • RAPPORT: Ongoing engagement of RAPP alumni via meetings, workshops, leadership roles, internships, community service and RAPP promotion.


The RAPP Approach

RAPP's curriculum is based in best practices in the realms of social justice education, intergroup dialogue, experiential education, intercultural communication, and inclusive leadership development. 

  • Social Justice Education: RAPP has an intentional focus on both the process AND progress toward cultivating full and equal participation of all groups in a society that is mutually shaped to meet their needs.
  • Intergroup Dialouge: RAPP uses sustained, facilitated, and intimate engagement across difference in small groups. 
  • Experiential Education: RAPP purposefully engages participants in direct experiences and focused reflection in order to increase knowledge, develop skills, and clarify values. 
  • Intercultural Communication: RAPP enhances students' ability to communicate effectively across cultural differences by deepening students' understanding of themselves and how their experiences may differ from others.
  • Inclusive leadership: RAPP seeks to develop leadership skills that encourage and maintain inclusive environments. 

The History of RAPP at UC

In 1986, following a series of racial incidents, University of Cincinnati students requested an ongoing program to help them bridge racial conflict and create understanding. Although there had been some attention given to racial issues, this was the first student initiated request for a sustained program. The Racial Awareness Pilot Project (RAPP), designed by Student Affairs and Services staff member Linda Bates Parker and a student steering committee, emerged from this request. In the Spring of 1990, the Racial Awareness Pilot Project was recognized as an official program on campus, thus becoming the Racial Awareness Program. Because of community and campus familiarity with the RAPP acronym and logo, the two Ps (RAPP) remained.