RAPP 9-month Intensive

The Office of Student Activities & Leadership Development offers the nine-month RAPP intensive for students to challenge, debate, and educate each other on issues of social justice. We explore race, culture, gender, socioeconomic class, sexuality, and other areas of difference through sharing our experiences and building a community of Bearcats committed to creating a more just community and world.

Through full participation in the RAPP process over an academic year, participants:

  • Develop relationships with 35+ other Bearcats
  • Enhance their ability to communicate across difference for learning and understanding
  • Deepen their understanding of oppression
  • Develop knowledge and skills to more effectively fight oppression and create inclusive communities

The Time Commitment

RAPP is an intensive program designed to cultivate meaningful connection among participants, peer leaders, and the staff while fostering a deeper understanding and commitment to social justice. The time committment of RAPP reflects these intentions.  A typical RAPP cohort will engage in the following activities:

  • RAPP Welcome & Orientation 
  • 10 RAPP Sessions (three hours each)
  • 1 two-day offsite RAPP Retreats
  • End-of-program RAPP Banquet

RAPP members are expected to attend all meetings and retreats for an academic year.  The commitment we ask of each member accepted into the program is that they "commit to being present in body and mind at all meetings and retreats as well as complete short tasks between sessions"  (for example, read a short article, write a brief journal entry).

Considerations before Committing

  • RAPP is a “one-time deal”:  You can only belong to one RAPP group, so if you can only commit to making half of the meetings you are denying yourself and your group a full RAPP experience.
  • RAPP groups bond early and strongly:  The relationships members develop are a key part of the RAPP experience.  Those who report they felt least benefit from RAPP are typically those who didn’t demonstrate commitment to the group by attending meetings and retreats.
  • RAPP plans to be around for many years to come:  If you know you can’t commit fully to RAPP this year, consider becoming involved in other activities or applying for RAPP’s summer Accelerating Racial Justice Institute.
  • RAPP is a structured, accumulative program:  The RAPP process is designed to build upon itself.  For you to develop the skills and knowledge the program works on, you need to be present and engaged.  Research demonstrates that lower participation (missing 1/5 or more of sessions) results in poor development in knowledge, skills, and application of RAPP concepts.  You’ve got to be there to get the benefits of the program!
  • RAPP is limited to 35 members per year:  Many years, we have to turn away applicants who’ve completed the application process due to this space restriction.  If you take a spot in a group and do not fulfill the RAPP commitment, you may have prevented another interested person who would have made the commitment from participating that year.

Applying for RAPP XXXIV

All UC students are invited to apply for RAPP! No previous experience is necessary – RAPP is great for folks who’ve never heard the word “social justice” before as well as those who are already heavily invested in social justice activism.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Enrolled at the University of Cincinnati (full- or part-time). Members can be undergraduate, graduate, or non-matriculating students on any UC campus.
  • Enter with and maintain a 2.3 GPA throughout the academic year. To verify your eligibility, you’ll be asked to provide your UC ID number (aka “M-number”) and permission to check your grades on the application form.

The Application Process

The applications for the 2018-2019 Racial Awareness Program has now closed. Stay tuned in Spring 2019 for announcements of sign-ups for next year's RAPP. 

Please contact Kathy Nguyen for additional information at Kathy.Nguyen@uc.edu or 513-556-6119.