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Win $500 and a Pepsi Beverage package to support your student organization retreat!

Leadership Retreat Packages Sponsored by Pepsi, Campus Services and Student Activities and Leadership Development Thanks to the generosity of Pepsi, the Campus Services and Student Activities and Leadership Development is proud to offer Leadership Retreat Packages to registered and active student organizations! 

We define a retreat is an experience for your registered student organization with a leadership focus meant to cultivate and retain officers and members, and contribute to the mission of the organization. We believe that student leaders can be more effective in their positions and personal lives by developing leadership skills and creating unity within their organization and the greater campus community.

  • Please complete the following application for retreats taking place in May 2020-December 2020. We will award 4 student organizations $500 for their retreat experience!
  • Only student organizations that are registered are eligible to apply.
  • Failure to complete RESET (registration) for 2020-2021 will result in a forfeit of funding.

All funds must be used by 12/31/2020

Application closed for the 2020!