Student Organization COVID-19 Guidance

Last Updated: 8/12/21

The guidance listed below is for the Fall 2021 Semester and contains helpful information on hosting COVID Careful Events. For current university guidance regarding COVID-19, please visit the UC Campus Safety Measures Website.

The safety of our students, faculty and staff is the utmost priority for the University of Cincinnati. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Student Activities and Leadership Development has adopted the following considerations for student organizations in alignment with the University of Cincinnati’s Campus Safety Measures. Registered Student Organization (RSO)* activities will consider the following safety practices for the Fall 2021 semester. *RSOs include all student organizations, fraternity & sorority chapters, and club sports.   

As we move forward together as a community, remember our campus practices may need to change as conditions change. As such, all COVID-19 practices and policies are subject to revision and updates. 

COVID-19 Mitigation

It’s important, as community leaders, to recognize the Coronavirus pandemic is still with us. Together, we all have the responsibility to promote a safe and healthy environment to ensure that our campus continues to remain safe this fall. Join us in our commitment in upholding the Bearcat Bond. 

We will continue to offer hybrid opportunities for students who prefer, and we will continue to encourage mitigation practices to help decrease the spread of the virus. Please review this website for updated guidance on masks. This may change throughout the semester, and SALD will send communications for each shift in practice.  

As a general practice, it is important to note that if you are symptomatic or otherwise feel unwell, you should not attend in-person classes, programs, or events.   

One way to help protect yourself and those in our community is to get vaccinated. Those who opt to forego vaccination are likeliest to experience individual consequences. That's why those with concerns about their own health and safety are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated in order to reduce their risk. Moreover, vaccination supports those in our community who are unable to get vaccinated due to medical reasons. If most of us opt to get vaccinated, we’re helping all of those who would like to but cannot. For more information about the vaccine, please review this website. 

Finally, organization members cannot ask nor utilize information placed on social media or other public outlets for vaccination verification. This information is voluntary and cannot be used to prohibit or deny a student access to a program, event, or service. 

Meetings and Events

Student Organizations should consider virtual meetings. Student organizations may not require members to attend in person meetings or events and all in person events should have a virtual option to accomodate members that may not want to meet in person.  

  • Follow room capacity requirements and seek the largest space available if your meeting/event occurs indoors.  
  • Attendees must follow current mask guidance. 
  • Student Organizations may not require members to attend in person meetings or events.  
  • All in person business meetings must offer a virtual option to accommodate members that may not want or be able to meet in person. 
  • All Student Organization events (virtual or in person) must be listed in CampusLINK, require an RSVP, and take attendance through CampusLINK.


  • We encourage events or activities providing food to use pre-packaged or individually boxed servings of food and canned or bottled beverages.
  • Catered meals may be provided by trained food service professional entities that demonstrate compliance with recommended food safety protocols.
  • Consider using outdoor spaces and/or social distancing while eating. 
  • Consider the use of outdoor space for practices or performances where members and others can appropriately physically distance.
  • Follow room capacity requirements and seek the largest space available if your practice occurs indoors.  
  • We suggest limiting the number of students from an organization at a table to be no more than 4 at a time.
  • It is recommended that organizations provide hand sanitizer at the table.
  • Handouts are permitted, but should be distributed in a no contact fashion.
  • In-person sales, including bake sales, are prohibited.  

Student Organization Travel & Overnight Retreats

The university’s physician-led COVID Response Team is closely monitoring local, regional, national, and global trends related to COVID-19. Current standard policies apply to university related domestic travel. International travel is subject to additional review in light of changing circumstances. 

Traveling to Conferences, domestic Service Trips, Competitions or other organized activities to states with substantial or high transmission of COVID-19 as listed by the CDC are strongly discouraged and may require students to self-isolate for two weeks upon return to campus.

All student organizations should complete the necessary travel documentation prior to university travel.

Campus Travel Policy  

  • Destinations for off-campus travel / events should align with university recommendations for safety and social distancing.   


Student Organization Funding

  • Allocated funding is available for events that meet all university and state guidelines.
  • Funding is available for both in-person and virtual programming and retreats.   

Feel free to email UFB at with any questions you have regarding funding or visit our CampusLINK page to view our weekly office hour events on how to meet with us virtually this year!

Student Organization Mail

  • Organizations with mailboxes should be checked weekly (at a minimum).
  • Package pickup will continue through the Student Activities & Leadership Development office.

Accountability & Community Standards

Helping to mitigate COVID-19 transmission is a shared responsibility. Students who fail to adhere to COVID-19 policies and protocols may be subject to disciplinary action under the Student Code of Conduct. 

Resources & Moving Forward

The practices around certain activities may be amended as a result of recommendations from the University, Hamilton County Department of Public Health, and the State of Ohio.  

If you have questions or concerns regarding your specific organization, please contact your organization advisor. Additional questions should be directed to the specific area of your question:



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