Student Government

Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch of the Undergraduate Student Government consists of the Speaker of Senate, Internal & External Holdover Senators, 8 At-Large Senators, 2 Senators from each undergraduate college, 1 Senator from each Board under Senate's jurisdiction, and a Secretary of Senate. Student Senate is responsible for changing the constitution, bylaws, or rules of procedure for the Undergraduate Student Government. Additionally, Student Senate approves the Undergraduate Student Government budget, makes recommendations to the University on behalf on the Undergraduate Student Body, and elect the rest of the executive team not elected in Student Body elections. Student Senate has jurisdiction over the University Funding Board, Student Activities Board, and the Student Safety Board, who govern all registered undergraduate student organizations except social fraternities, social sororities, and Residence Hall Organizations.


Most of the projects and legislation produced by Senate are researched and reviewed in five major committees. For more information about committees, email External Holdover Senator Chandler Rankin

Legislative committee meetings begin the second week of class. Committee membership and meetings are open to all students at UC. If you're interested in joining a committee, contact the committee chair listed below, or attend one of the regular meetings. Meeting times and locations can also be found below.

Campus Life Committee

Chair:  Kyle Shuja
Sunday, 4:30pm 
655 Steger Student Life Center

Equity & Inclusion Committe

Chair:  Hajar Saksaka
Monday, 6:30pm
African American Cultural & Resource Center

Governmental Affairs Committee

Chair:  Cassidy Peebles
Monday, 6pm
655 Steger Student Life Center

Student Rights & Interests

Chair:  Mary Siskaninetz
Thursday, 8pm
655 Steger Student Life Center