Your School, Your Voice

What is it?

The Your School, Your Voice initiative is designed to draw attention to students needs on and off campus. If you report a need or concern with this form, we will do our very best to advocate on your behalf. Please tell us about your experiences as a student at UC - what has been going well and what has not gone well. Let us know if there are any big changes you'd like to see through iniatives on campus. Tell us about issues that are important to you and suggest ways that we could make life at UC better for students. We are here to advocate for you, support you, and assist you in any way possible.

Who does this impact?

The initiative will be open to all students on campus, especially those who are looking to make campus wide change and gather support from fellow students.

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Executive Staff Consolidated Policy Letter

Our Executive Staff members are excited to get to work and serve all students in their respective roles this year. However, it is important to realize we are all students first! So, a few members of our exercutive staff have created a policy letter that lays out the process you must follow to request a service from them. The positions in this letter include Design Director, Marketing Director, Multimedia Director, Press Secretary, and Web Director.