Block Scholarship Grants

The block scholarship grant applies to all faculty-led courses and acts as the program's proposal.

Faculty leaders apply for scholarships on behalf of their students and, upon receipt, work with UC International to determine scholarship eligibility for their group.

2020 - 2021 application update

Unfortunately, due to the unknowns related to UC faculty-led study abroad in 2020-2021, the current 2020-2021 application process has been suspended until more information is known.

Application process

In order to be eligible for a block scholarship for study abroad programs, complete the online application.

If this is your second application in the UC International online system (called TerraDotta) for a previously offered program, please review these instructions on how to copy your application information from last year.

College endorsement

As you start to think about leading a program, you should discuss your interest with your department head. You will need the support of your department and dean before your program will be considered by UC International. 

In addition to the college endorsement form that we require, your college may have additional approval processes. 

The college contact and required endorsement form signatures by college.
College Contact for Approval Process Required Endorsement Form Signatures
Clermont Associate Dean, Mona Sedrak

Associate Dean, Mona Sedrak, Jeff Rubel and Department Head

Note: Associate Dean signature indicates Clermont College approval at all levels

CAHS Associate Dean, Charity Accurso

Associate Dean, Charity Accurso and Department Head

Note: Associate Dean signature indicates CAHS Study Abroad Committee approval

CCM None Dean Stanley Romanstein, Associate Dean Stephanie Schlagel, Division Head and Department Head, if applicable.
DAAP Associate Dean, Ann Black

Associate Dean, Ann Black and appropriate School Head

School of Design: Gjoko Muratovski

School of Architecture and Interior Design: Ed Mitchell

School of Art: Kate Bonansinga

School of Planning (including Horticulture): Danilo Palazzo

Note: DAAP Faculty should consult the DAAP Study Abroad Policy

CECH Associate Dean, Laura Dell Associate Dean Laura Dell and Department Head
CEAS Director for Global Engagement, Oxana Prokhorova Senior Associate Dean Frank Gerner or Associate Dean Allen Arthur and Department Head
Law Assistant Dean, Nora Burke Wagner Assistant Dean Nora Burke Wagner and Department Head
Medicine Associate Dean, Phil Diller Associate Dean Phil Diller
Nursing Director of Global Health Nursing, Kate York Associate Dean Denise Gormley and Executive Director of Graduate Programs or Executive Director of Undergraduate Programs (depending on level of students traveling)
Pharmacy Dean Neil MacKinnon Dean Neil MacKinnon and Department Head
LCB Lee Armstrong  
A+S Divisional Dean, Chris Carter Divisional Dean Chris Carter and Department Head
Blue Ash Chair of UCBA Study Abroad Committee, Kellie Tilton

Interim Associate Dean, Tracy Herrmann and Libby Anthony 

Note: Associate Dean signature indicates UCBA Study Abroad Committee approval. The deadline to propose a 2020-2021 UCBA program was in fall 2019.

University Honors Neil Choudhury The deadline to propose a 2020-21 Honors program was in fall 2019.
Experience-Based Learning and Career Education Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs, Gigi Escoe Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs Gigi Escoe


Programs traveling in fall 2019

  • Submission deadline: April 1, 2020

Programs traveling in spring / summer 2021

  • First round submission deadline: June 1, 2020
  • Second round submission deadline - Awards will be based on funding availability, if funds remain after First Round Awards: September 1, 2020

Once we receive notice that you have submitted your online application, we will work as quickly as possible to determine grant eligibility and the amount of funding. We look forward to receiving your study abroad course submission!

Scholarship outreach project

As part of the scholarship award each faculty leader should propose a group or individual “Outreach Project(s)” incorporated into the course requirements. This project must promote study abroad to the UC community in an effort to increase awareness and participation in international programs.