After Travel

Take time to reflect and finalize the faculty-led experience.

Return Checklist

  • Notify UC International that group has returned safely
  • Contact budget manager to reconcile program account
  • Finalize coursework and submit grades
  • Encourage students to complete relevant evaluations
  • Share your experience with UC International

Reflecting on the Experience

Help students make the most of their time abroad, by providing time and space for students to reflect. Reflection can help students make important connections between the knowledge gained, and their academic, personal, and professional aspirations. The Forum on Education Abroad notes that reflection is a best practice in the field.

Reflections can be facilitated via class discussion, an assigned paper, blog, presentation, or other means. Some questions you might ask your students in facilitating reflectioninclude:

  • What was the biggest cultural difference that you experienced? 
  • What surprised you the most? 
  • How has this experience changed you? 
  • How do you think your international experience will impact you in the future? 
  • What transferrable skills did you learn? 

Ensure that students are aware of your course’s schedule and expectations post-travel.

Making Connections

Connect students with additional resources to expand on their international experience and encourage them to:

Readjustment can be a challenge for students. Consider sharing these other health and well-being resources: