Propose a Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program

International experiences take time and collaboration between faculty, their department and UC International.

Consider the following as you begin developing your program:

Upon approval, you will be assigned to a UC International program coordinator who will assist you throughout the planning and implementation of your program.

Many of our guidelines are based upon best practices developed by professional organizations such as the Forum on Education Abroad, which we recommend looking at in addition to this toolkit.

Roles and expectations

Planning and facilitating a study abroad program requires a significant amount of time and energy. Understand your role as well as what you can expect from UC International and your students.

  • Create the curricular content with learning objectives, itinerary, logistics and program budget
  • Seek approval from your department using the college endorsement form
  • Identify on-the-ground support to facilitate program planning and execution
  • Promote and market your program
  • Determine admission criteria and review student applications
  • Hold program-specific pre-departure information session
  • Prepare emergency action plan
  • Complete travel authorization and funding requests
  • Reconcile expenses upon return
  • Serve as leader, instructor and chaperone for the program duration
  • Be ready, flexible and adaptable to situations that may arise

  • Review program proposals and make block scholarship awards
  • Provide planning and logistics support
  • Facilitate application process
  • Guide contract submission process
  • Provide risk management guidance
  • Facilitate general pre-departure orientation for all study abroad students
  • Collect student program fees (if applicable)
  • Manage program budget (if applicable)
  • Facilitate medical insurance and emergency planning resources
  • Offer emergency support during travel

  • Commit to being a full and active participant
  • Engage in academic and cultural learning
  • Attend and complete pre-departure tasks and activities
  • Maintain an open-minded attitude and willingness to step outside of their comfort zone

College endorsement

As you start to think about leading a program, you should discuss your interest with your department head. You will need the support of your department and dean before your program will be considered by UC International. 

In addition to the college endorsement form that we require, your college may have additional approval processes. 

The college contact and required endorsement form signatures by college.
College Contact for Approval Process Required Endorsement Form Signatures
Clermont Associate Dean, Lisa Mahle-Grisez

Associate Dean Lisa Mahle-Grisez Jand Department Head

Note: Associate Dean signature indicates Clermont College approval at all levels

CAHS Associate Dean, Charity Accurso

Associate Dean Charity Accurso and Department Head

Note: Associate Dean signature indicates CAHS Study Abroad Committee approval

CCM None Dean Stanley Romanstein, Associate Dean Stephanie Schlagel, Division Head and Department Head, if applicable.
DAAP Associate Dean, Ann Black

Associate Dean Ann Black and appropriate School Head

School of Design: Wei Wang

School of Architecture and Interior Design: Ed Mitchell

School of Art: Kate Bonansinga

School of Planning (including Horticulture): Danilo Palazzo

Note: DAAP Faculty should consult the DAAP Study Abroad Policy

CECH Associate Dean, Laura Dell Associate Dean Laura Dell and Department Head
CEAS Assistant Dean, Eugene Rutz Associate Dean Eugene Rutz and Department Head
Law Assistant Dean, Nora Burke Wagner Assistant Dean Nora Burke Wagner and Department Head
Medicine Associate Dean, Phil Diller Associate Dean Phil Diller
Nursing Director of Global Health Nursing, Kate York Associate Dean Denise Gormley and Executive Director of Graduate Programs or Executive Director of Undergraduate Programs (depending on level of students traveling)
Pharmacy Dean Pamela Heaton Dean Pamela Heaton and Department Head
LCB Lee Armstrong  
A+S Divisional Dean, Chris Carter Divisional Dean Chris Carter and Department Head
Blue Ash Chair of UCBA Study Abroad Committee, Eric Anderson

Associate Dean Tracy Herrmann 

Note: Associate Dean signature indicates UCBA Study Abroad Committee approval. The deadline to propose a 2022-2023 UCBA program was in fall 2021.

University Honors Neil Choudhury The deadline to propose a 2022-2023 Honors program was in fall 2021.
Experience-Based Learning and Career Education Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs, TBD Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs, TBD

Program proposal and block scholarships

Your program proposal and block scholarship application are one and the same. Your assigned coordinator will use your submission materials to build your student application site. 

In addition, the submission serves as an application for scholarships on behalf of participants in the program. Successful program proposals will receive a determined number of awards at a specified amount.

To apply for the block scholarship, you will need the following information:

  • Signed college endorsement form
  • Anticipated program dates
  • Course information – course number, number of credits, pre-requisites, eligibility requirements
  • Minimum / maximum enrollment
  • Preliminary budget
  • Preliminary itinerary
  • Marketing information – program overview, location overview, course explanation, faculty bio and relevant photos

We recognize that program logistics may change—that's okay! It's more important to let UC International know that you plan to lead a program.

Additional grants

Additional grants to assist with program development may be available on a case-by-case basis.


Faculty-led programs tend to run during specific times of the academic year. Your timeline will vary based on the term your travel takes place and other variables associated with your location and course.

Timeline of study abroad program milestones by program travel dates.
Program Travel Block Grant Deadline Program Development Program Recruitment Publish application / Recruit Close application Instruction term
Winter Break April 15 Late spring / early summer Late spring / summer April / May August Fall semester
Spring Break June 1 Late summer / early fall Fall August December Spring semester
May Break June 1 Late summer / early fall Fall August December Spring semester
Summer Break June 1 Fall / early spring Fall / early spring August March Summer semester

Collaborate with UC International

Get department approval

  • Determine course goals and develop a preliminary syllabus
  • Meet with your department for course approval

Research and set up program logistics

Apply for block scholarship funding for your students

Market your program 

  • Create a flyer
  • Attend the Study Abroad Fair (normally in October) 
  • Plan class visits and info sessions 
  • Submit details via department listserv, study abroad listserv
  • Use social media

Accept your students 

  • Interview and screen students with completed applications
  • Collaborate with UC International to send official acceptance email
  • Post program fees (with UC International or your department)
  • Work with UC International or your department to submit Group Travel Budget to financial aid
  • Maintain a wait list in case enrollment changes 
  • Talk to students about next steps

Finalize program logistics

  • Confirm visa requirements (US and non-US passport holders) 
  • Finalize itinerary (include itinerary into course syllabus) 
  • Confirm flights – clearly explain travel plans with students (group flight or required dates/times of arrival)
  • Secure on-ground logistics – hotels, site visits and cultural excursions 
  • Confirm that all students are registered for the proper course 

Work with UC International to verify that students have completed all pre-travel requirements

  • Attending a mandatory pre-departure
  • Uploading relevant documents to UC International's online system (passport, etc.)
  • Completing required forms in online system

Complete Lead Faculty Application

  • Provide UC International with your final itinerary and contact information abroad 
  • Develop an emergency plan and share with students 
  • Have important student information and documents accessible (passports, emergency contact information and health/emergency treatment form)
  • Use health and safety resources to locate nearby in-country hospitals, US Embassies 
  • Review ISOS country-specific details