Social Media Ambassadors

Students who participate in long-term experiences abroad can apply to be a social media ambassador for UC International, documenting their experience and providing our office with photos, videos, and a testimonial.

  • If you complete the minimum requirements of the social media ambassadorship, you have also fulfilled your outreach project for the UC International scholarship.
  • Three students who go above and beyond the minimum requirements will receive an engagement bonus of $300.


You are eligible to apply to the social media ambassador program if you are going on a long-term program and have an Instagram or Twitter account. This includes:

  • exchange programs
  • external provider programs
  • co-op or internship programs

Students going on faculty-led programs are not eligible for this opportunity.


After applying to the social media ambassador program, you will receive an email with final instructions from our social media manager.

You will provide your Instagram or Twitter handle in your application for the scholarship. You may keep your social media account private, but you will be required to accept a friend request from UC International’s account (Instagram: @ucinternational; Twitter: @UC_Global).

As a social media ambassador, you have three main requirements:

  • Post regularly on your chosen platform
  • Provide original photos or videos to UC International
  • Create a testimonial of your study abroad experience
  • Post at least 10 times to your Twitter or Instagram over the course of your study abroad experience. (About once per week or less)
  • Make sure that all photos adhere to the following rules:
    • Post your own photos. We want your ambassadorship to be authentic to you and your experience - therefore, your photos should be taken by you!
    • Refrain from posting anything vulgar or inappropriate. This could include nudity, swearing, excessive alcohol use, drug use, innuendo, racist/sexist comments, etc. You are speaking for the University of Cincinnati and must abide by the Student Code of Conduct.
    • Always have a caption. It doesn’t have to be particularly long, but just enough to give some context to your experience (or to say something witty).
    • Check your UC email. While abroad, our office will contact you via email if we have any questions or requests related to your ambassadorship. 
  • In every post, use our hashtag - #BearcatsAbroad - or tag UC International’s account.

After you post to your social media account, please email your original, unedited photos to our social media manager at DO NOT send us filtered or edited files.

If you would prefer to create and share a cloud-based storage folder for your files (like OneDrive), you can do so. Please share the folder with the email account.

In addition to your posts on social media and photo or video submission, you will be required to provide our office with a written or video testimonial of your experience.

  • Video testimonials should be approximately 1-2 minutes in length.
    • If you choose to create your own testimonial, please shoot in landscape (horizontally).
    • You may also request a video interview with our social media manager after your arrival back at UC.
  • Written testimonials should be approximately 500 words in length. We recommend using the topics below to guide your story.
    • Daily Life  – where / what you ate, where you study, what you did on the weekends, or other cultural experiences you had
    • Reflection – what were your thoughts prior to going abroad, and how do you feel now that you’ve been?
    • Best Tips – what advice would you offer other students who are thinking about study abroad?

For both, you will email the final video / written testimonial to Written or self-created testimonials are due two weeks after your return date. If your file size is too large, please work with our social media manager to find a cloud-based storage solution (OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.).

What happens if I don't meet the requirements?

Our staff will perform routine checks throughout your experience abroad to make sure that you are posting regularly and following the rules. If we have any concerns, we will reach out to discuss them with you first. For instance, if you have not posted in several weeks, we may email to ask that you post soon.

If you fail to follow the rules and requirements of the social media ambassadorship, you will not receive credit for the outreach project. You will also be ineligible for the additional $300 incentive.

Engagement Bonus

If you choose to go above and beyond the minimum requirements of your ambassadorship, you have the opportunity to receive additional funds at the end of the semester. Three students will be selected by our social media manager to receive an additional $300, based on the quantity and quality of the photo / video content provided throughout the semester.

Quality content, by UC International’s standards, is considered:

  • Original, untouched photos and videos of high-resolution quality
  • Unique uses of photography and videography to highlight one’s study abroad experience
  • Content that features the student interacting in their study abroad environment (as opposed to landscape shots, pictures of food, etc.)

If selected, you will receive a letter of recognition from our social media manager and the $300 will be deposited to your student account at the end of the semester.