Setting Up Canvas for Proctoring

Faculty Checklist: Setting up your Canvas exam for online proctoring

Check your enrollments

Create your exam in Canvas. (Note that Canvas uses “quizzes” rather than “exam” or “test” for assessment.)

  • Important: If you are using Honorlock for a lockdown browser, there are two options: Standard (regular) Canvas “Quizzes” can be enabled through the Honorlock menu. If you are using “New Quizzes,” you must register it as a third-party exam for Honorlock to work properly.

[Optional] Configure Honorlock for your exam

  • Note that, due to the live proctor, “browser guard” is the only Honorlock feature that needs to be enabled. You may choose to whitelist websites for students to access during the exam. Do not select any other options within Honorlock.

Remove the “Quizzes” link from the left-hand navigation in your course [recommended but not required]. You can also add a 2-step password proctection for your exam by following the Password Set-Up steps.

  • This will keep students from accessing the exam prior to the live proctoring session. The proctor will share the link with the student when it is time to start.
  • If you do this, also remove any links to the assessment(s) within your course.

Communicate, communicate, communicate!

  • Make sure your students understand that they will be live-proctored for this exam and to follow the instructions as provided by UC Testing Services. If you are using the Honorlock lockdown browser, make sure to convey this as well.
  • If you do not remove the “Quizzes” link from the navigation in your course and choose to use the Honorlock lockdown browser, please make sure that students understand the order in which to open applications to take their exam:
    1. Log into Zoom Desktop application with the provided link from UC Testing Services and get Checked In by a proctor.
    2. Open Chrome browser and navigate to the exam
    3. Launch the exam
  • If the exam is launched first, the student will not be able to log into Zoom due to the lockdown browser.
  • Additionally, be sure to emphasize the importance of using both the Honorlock lockdown browser and the Zoom live proctoring. Some students will try to circumvent one or both of these. Explicit instructions may help to deter this, such as, “Both Honorlock and Zoom live proctoring must be utilized in order to receive credit for your exam.”

Do you still have questions?

  • For basic test configuration questions, you can reach out to Testing Services.
  • For questions about assessment and more in-depth Canvas questions, please contact CET&L