DAT Live Online

DAT Live Online - $777.5 for University of Cincinnati Students and Alumni

DAT Courses Include:

  • 14 sessions, including 4 online sessions covering PAT and Organic Chemistry, using 3D modeling and animation
  • A complete DAT Student Kit
  • Full-length practice tests in CBT format + section tests and Science Challenge quizzes


  1. Click on DAT Live Online
  2. Select your schedule
  3. Click on "See Details".
  4. Copy the "Class Code" at the top of the page, you will need it for registration.
  5. Now, you can register here using your M#.
  6. Under Choose a Group, select "Kaplan Test Preparation Courses" and select your preferred course.
  7. Once you submit your registration, you will be contacted within 7-business days.