Welcome Week

#RISEABOVE The Challenge

Welcome Week is only the start of your exploration of UC! The The RISE UC Challenge is a fall semester-long program that challenges the University of Cincinnati's incoming first-year and transfer students to get involved and be engaged on campus and in the Cincinnati Community. The program has six main targets: Retention, Involvement, Success, Education, University Engagement, and Civic Engagement.

The challenge contains two parts the RISE UC Bucket List and the RISE UC Engagement Workshops. With each challenge students earn points which win them prizes. Students who successfully complete the challenge -that is earn Black, Red or Bearcat Level Status-- receive recognition and opportunities during, both, the fall and spring semester.

Best of ALL you can win BIG PRIZES!

Level 1: Red LEVEL (50 Points)

#RISEABOVE Wrist Band and #RISEABOVE Water Bottle

Level: 2: Black LEVEL ( 150 Points)

#RISEABOVE Wrist Band and #RISEABOVE Water Bottle
Exclusive RISE UC Experiences

Level 3: Bearcat Level (200 Points)

RISEABOVE Wrist Band and #RISEABOVE Water Bottle
Exclusive RISE UC Experiences
#RISEABOVE Off Campus Excursion

How to Earn Points

1. Attend the RISE UC Engagement Workshops

The RISE UC Engagement Workshops are workshops hosted by organizations and offices on the University of Cincinnati’s campus. In order to successfully complete the challenge, students will be required to attend 4 workshops within the fall semester . Each worshop will focus the six targets of the RISE UC Challenge.

Each workshop will be worth 15 points.

2. Complete Tasks on the RISE UC Bucket List

The UC Bucket List is composed of 3 sections of activities that every student should try before they graduate from the University of Cincinnati. This list is constantly changing and filled with 100+ fun opportunity for student to get aquatinted to campus and feel at home:

  • The Red Level Experiences: These experiences are passive easy activities for student to learn more about campus and connect with other students. These activities are worth 2 points to go towards students' prizes.
  • The Black Level Experiences: These experiences have a slightly larger time commitment and require students to step of their comfort zone. These activities are worth 5 points to go towards students' prizes.
  • The Bearcat Level Experiences: These experiences really challenge students to step outside their comfort and learn about topics that educate and enlighten the student(s. These activities are worth 10 points to go towards students' prizes.

3. Document It

In order to make sure you actually get the points, each student will have to register for the RISE UC challenge at campuslink.uc.edu. Once registered, students will have the opportunity to attend the event(s) and document it in their campus link profile.