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Center for Cognition, Action & Perception


CAP Labs & Research

CAP Center researchers investigate the dynamics of cognition and perception-action. Some current topics of investigation include joint action and interpersonal coordination, dynamics of cognitive performance in reading and decision making, affordance perception, dynamic touch perception, embodied distance perception, cognitive and perception-action development and children's learning, interlimb coordination, grip and force control, and postural control. Our approach is inspired by ecological psychology, dynamical systems, complexity theory, and embodied cognition. Our research is supported by NSF and NIH grants.

Our lab resources include several motion capture facilities including an 20-camera Motion Analysis Corp. motion-capture system, Polhemus Fastrak and Liberty motion capture systems, desktop and head-mounted eye tracking systems, force platforms, physiological measurement sensors, and multiple VR systems. Our laboratories are located in Edwards Center 1 at the University of Cincinnati. CAP labs include:



A list of publications by primary CAP faculty & students is available here.




Nonlinear Methods Web Book

With NSF funding Michael Riley and Guy Van Orden edited a free, online tutorial on nonlinear methods. The tutorial has been downloaded thousands of times and has helped many scientists gain a working understanding of nonlinear time series analyses such as recurrence quantification analysis and fractal methods.




With NSF funding we have developed the Joint Action Research Database (JARD), a repository for data on joint action and interpersonal coordination. Create an account for free to share your data or download other researchers' data.