Megan Lamkin

Professional Experience

Megan earned her BS degree in Environmental Plant Biology from Ohio University (1996) and her MS in Plant Pathology from Purdue University (1998). Following her MS, she worked as a Horticulture/Natural Resources Extension Agent for Colorado State University in Eagle County (1998-2002). That is, she led research-based programs that addressed issues pertaining to horticulture and natural resources in the Vail ski area.

After a professional excursion to Israel in 2001, Megan decided she needed to experience more of the world first-hand. She spent the next two years volunteering on organic farms in Spain, Italy, Central America and the US. Following these travels she was hired by St. Rita School for the Deaf in Cincinnati to lead their Outdoor Learning Lab program (2005-2010). She returned to graduate school in 2010 to pursue a PhD in Biology at UC. Her dissertation focused on the extent of contemporary species loss and the effect of population-level extinction on neighboring populations of the same species.

While working on her dissertation, Megan served as a biology instructor for UC’s Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) Summer Bridge Scholars program. As the Direct of Undergraduate Research at UC, Megan aims to broaden participation in undergraduate research for various majors where research is valued but not necessarily prioritized.

In addition she will uphold the quality and momentum of programs currently in place to promote and recognize student participation in undergraduate research (e.g., the Undergraduate Scholarly Showcase and Poster Forum held each spring and RECON (Research, Education, and Continuing Opportunity Network), a peer mentoring network for students interested in research.