Course Sequence

  • Orientation to International Co-op (PD 1081); offered fall semesters.
  • ICP elective of your choice (see below)
  • German for ICP (GRMN 1061): Six-week summer intensive language immersion course, equivalent to two years of college language instruction.
  • German Language and Culture for ICP (GRMN 1062); fall following summer intensive.
  • Optional intensive German language course: Offered by the Carl Duisberg Center (CDC). One- or two-week immersion course in Germany immediately before international co-op semesters begin.

Review the complete program brochure and application.

German Minor for ICP Students (Semester Version)
(a revised guideline for the GRST minor for ICP students, including a detailed list of appropriate electives)



ICP Generic Language
German Alternate Schedule

*Recommended for fall semester sophomore year, but can be taken any time prior to going abroad


Sample ICP Electives

   Course ID       Course Name
  ANTH1001 Cultural Anthropology
  ANTH3019 European Prehistory
  ARTH1001 History of Art I
  ARTH1002 History of Art II
  ARTH3071 19th-Century Art to 1850
  ARTH3072 19th-Century Art, 1850-1900
  ARTH6092 Contemporary Art in Europe
  COMM3049 Intercultural Communication
  ECON4040 International Economics
  ECON5040 Topics in International Economics
  ENGR 3001 Global Technical Workforce
  FAM2001 Music Appreciation I
    Music Appreciation II
  GEOG1021 World Regional Geography
  GEOG1030 Great Earth Debates
  GEOG2016 Geography of Europe
  GEOG6037 Geolinguistics and the Geography of Language
  GRMN1041 German-American Experience 1
  GRMN1042 German-American Experience 2
  GRMN1071 German Folklore: Fairy Tales FRESHMAN SEMINAR
  GRMN1081 Survey of German Cultural History 1
  GRMN1082 Survey of German Cultural History 2
  GRMN2010 German-American Cincinnati
  GRMN2041 German Folklore 1: Fairy Tales
  GRMN2042 German Folklore 2: Faust Myth
  GRMN2043 European Vampire
  GRMN3001 Introduction to German Studies 1
  GRMN3002 Introduction to German Studies 2
  GRMN3011 Topics in German Studies 1
  GRMN3012 Topics in German Studies 2
  GRMN4001 German Studies 1
  GRMN4002 German Studies 2
  HIST1005 European History I
  HIST1006 European History II
  HIST2001 Twentieth Century Europe
  HIST2002 Medieval Europe 400-1100
  HIST2003 Medieval Europe 1100-1500
  HIST2008 Modern Germany 1800 to present
  HIST2017 World History, 1945 to the Present
  HIST3050 World War I
  HIST3051 World War II
  HIST3065 Weimar Germany and the Rise of Nazism
  HIST3066 National Socialism and the Holocaust
  HIST3077 Women and Gender in Early Modern Europe
  HIST3078 World War I and the World
  HIST3084 The History of Antisemitism
  HIST3085 Film and the History of World War II
  HIST6040 War and Peace in Early Modern Europe
  PHIL1021 Moral and Political Ideas: Modern Europe
  PHIL3010 Philosophy of Language
  POL1060 Introduction to Comparative Politics
  POL1080 Introduction to International Relations
  POL2077 Politics of Europe
  POL2080 America and the World
  POL2088 International Law and Organization
  POL2089 International Human Rights
  POL2096 Global Gender Politics
  POL3076 Politics of the European Union
  POL3080 Approaches to International Politics
  POL3081 Politics of Global Economic Affairs
  POL3082 Alignment and Alliances in International Relations
  POL3090 Conflict in International Relations
  POL6076 The New Europe
  POL6077 Europe vs America: Challenges in Trans-Atlantic Relations
  POL6084 International Crisis Decision-making