Faculty Resources

UC Forward is blessed with a diverse and collaboratively-minded team of faculty who believe in the value of working across disciplines to solve real problems in their fields. We have faculty from every college and most departments, including the Medical, Blue Ash, and Clermont campuses. 

Faculty members interested in UC Forward can contact the UC Forward office for help finding collaborators, requesting funds for upcoming courses, or registering for professional development workshops. These workshops not only help faculty become more comfortable with trans-disciplinary research and teaching, but they provide an instant network of like-minded colleagues who likely have more in common with each than they know!

UC Forward Fellows are faculty members who have demonstrated the highest standards of collaborative teaching, including developing new team-taught courses that not only cross disciplinary boundaries, but provide actionable solutions to real world problems. For their efforts, these faculty have been awarded funds to support their proposed UC Forward courses.

UC Forward Faculty Network