Access Descriptions

What can you request access to in Catalyst? Find out below!

Academic Advising Expand

  • Advisor: A full-time advisor or senior advisor; the primary advisor assigned to students within your college; a director of advising, asst./assoc. director of advising, or other advising administrator
  • Advisor 2: A faculty or academic department advisor (not the primary college advisor); a specialized advisor (not the primary advisor)
  • Support Staff: An advising office staff support role with responsibility to view/update student information
  • Updating Transfer Credit Evaluation Information (Home Office and College Reviewers Only): Staff who update transfer credit evaluation information
  • Degree Audit Exceptions: Creating degree audit exceptions in Catalyst. This access is included in the full Advisor role



Admissions Expand

  • Viewing Admissions Data: Viewing applicant information with no update capabilities
  • Updating Admissions Data: Access to update test scores, review transcripts, add new applications and review applications

NOTE: This will not give you access to Slate. To request this access, contact the Admissions Office.



Campus Community Expand

  • Viewing/Assigning/Releasing Service Indicators: Service Indicators in Catalyst are similar to holds/blocks in UniverSIS
  • Athletic Participation: Entering and updating student athletic participation per academic year
  • Veterans Benefits: Entering VA federal and state benefits per academic term of eligibility. For Veterans staff only
  • Immunization Readiness: For viewing and tracking the compliance of students’ immunization records in accordance with the Student Immunization and Health Screening policy. For University Health Services staff only



Financial Aid Expand

  • Viewing Financial Aid: General view-level understanding of where to find financial aid data
  • Managing Financial Aid/Professional Judgment and Verification (Home Office Only): Viewing and manually updating financial aid term; creating budgets and assigning items to a budget; packaging and repackaging financial aid; and accepting and declining awards
  • Viewing Departmental Awards: View-only access to scholarships
  • Entering Departmental Awards: Access to enter and disburse scholarships for students
  • Entering International Awards: Access to enter and disburse scholarships for international students



Student Financials/Bursar Expand

  • Student Financials/Bursar (Home Office): Access to the Student Services Center to view account and billing information
  • Posting Student Transactions: Posting a charge or credit to a student account



Student Records/Registrar Expand

  • Class Ordering: Scheduling new courses for an academic term
  • Graduation Tracking: Access to approve/deny and certify students for graduation
  • Records and Enrollment (Colleges): Access to maintain a student's career, program, plan (CPP) stack; view term activation; view and maintain student groups; assign class permissions; view enrollment requests; view grade change audit; view honors and awards (Dean's List); and view student degrees
  • Records and Enrollment (Home Office/Registration Sites/One Stop): Access to validate and change residency; term activate a student; use the quick admit function for non-matriculated students; use the quick enroll function to add/drop classes; complete grade replacement process; view honors and awards; and view academic standing
  • Records and Enrollment (View Only): Access to view and print class rosters and view enrollment requirement groups, instructor schedules, instructor-advisor table, student grades and term history
  • Assigning Class Permissions: Assigning a class permission to a specific student for a class section