Business and Policy Changes

The new Catalyst system brings business process and policy changes to be aware of. Please review the chart below for a better understanding of the business and policy changes coming with Catalyst.

Business and Policy Changes
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What's Changing?
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Program and Major Codes

PASLAs will no longer be used in Catalyst. Instead, a Career/Program/Plan Stack (CPP Stack - a combination of a student's academic career, academic program, academic plan, and optional sub-plan) is needed for a student to be eligible to enroll in a term.
Crosswalk example

List of each PASLA and its Catalyst equivalency sorted by career

Tracking Student Groups

PASLAs that existed for the sole purpose of tracking unique categories of students (pre-professional advising, scholarship tracking, etc.) that did not result in a specific degree awarded have been converted to student groups in Catalyst. A specific code (usually 4 characters long) is assigned to each group as the student group designator. Likewise, new student groups have been created in Catalyst for tracking purposes (i.e., students in FYE learning communities). Excel
List of each PASLA and its student group equivalency in Catalyst

Term Codes

Term Codes in Catalyst only indicate the term value and are an abbreviation of the general start date of the term. The format is CYYT, where C = century of record (effectively the millennium); YY = the 2-digit year; and T = the number of the month in which the term begins. For example, the term code for Fall 2015 is “2158.” Video
Follow the story of Jane and find out what the parent term structure in Catalyst looks like

Example of the term code structure


New Catalyst Features

With a new system comes new features! Take a look at the functionality Catalyst will offer.

New Catalyst Features
Catalyst Feature What's Changing?

24/7 Availability

Unlike in the current system, there will be no more blackout periods except during scheduled system maintenance periods.

Class Registration

It will no longer be necessary for students to copy and paste a class Call Number from one page to another when registering for classes.

Mobile Enablement

The Catalyst portal will be accessible through multiple devices.

Preferred Name

Beginning August 2016, students will be able to add a preferred name in Catalyst, meaning class and grade rosters will accurately reflect how students would like to be addressed.

For now, students can visit Public Safety to request a name change on their UC ID.

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