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CaRT Training Materials


Last Updated
CaRT Glossary
New system terminology for CaRT
Browser Requirements
Browser export settings PDF 7/25/17
Safari browser glitch PDF 7/25/17
Basic Navigation (Consumers and Developers)
Basic navigation and using drill-down function
Including or excluding columns on a developed report
CaRT tips and reminders
PDF 11/15/16
Importing formatting PDF 7/25/17
Creating dashboard favorites
PDF 7/27/17
Building Analyses (Developers Only) Creating an analysis
PDF 11/15/16
Creating basic filters and table prompts
PDF 11/15/16
Creating complex filters PDF 11/15/16
Filtering results based on another analysis
PDF 11/15/16
Creating analysis prompts
PDF 11/15/16
Adding new views to an analysis PDF 11/15/16
Creating a custom formula PDF 11/15/16
Creating bins PDF 11/15/16
Importing formats from another analysis PDF 11/15/16
How to save and share analyses PDF 11/15/16
Using the Data Dictionary PDF 11/15/16
Identifying returning or new students PDF 7/27/17
Five tips for easy file management PDF 7/27/17
Building Dashboards (Developers Only) Configuring My Dashboard PDF 11/15/16
Creating a new dashboard PDF 11/15/16
Creating a dashboard prompt PDF 11/15/16
How to save and share dashboards PDF 11/15/16
Copying shared dashboards and analyses for customizing
PDF 7/25/17
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