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Class Orders Training Materials

ATTENTION: Read this important update regarding the list of training materials below due to the 2018 Catalyst system upgrade.

Please Note: The following documents have been created in conjunction with university business process documents provided and governed by the Registrar's Office.

Last Updated
Catalyst Glossary
New system terminology for Catalyst
Class Orders FAQs Frequently asked questions about the class ordering process in Catalyst Link 10/29/15
Before Ordering a Class Term structure in Catalyst PDF 10/1/15
Locating a class in the course catalog PDF 10/1/15
Searching for a facility PDF 10/1/15
Schedule new course checklist PDF 2/3/16
Scheduling a New Course
Scheduling a distance learning online course PDF 11/2/16
Scheduling a new in-person course PDF 11/2/16
Scheduling a new partially distance learning course PDF 11/2/16
Scheduling a new partially distance learning course PDF 9/12/16
Adding a UC transcripted attribute (UCTR) PDF 10/1/15
Scheduling Multiple Sections/Auto Enrollment Scheduling multiple sections of a course PDF 2/3/16
Setting auto enrollment of class sections PDF 10/1/15
Scheduling a Class Meeting Scheduling or modifying a facility, meeting time and instructors for combined sections PDF 11/2/16
Adding/updating instructor and meeting patterns PDF 10/1/15
Combining sections of a course PDF 4/8/16
Enrollment Requirements Adding enrollment requirements PDF 9/28/16
Dynamic Dating
Applying dynamic dating PDF 10/1/15
Department Consent Adding instructor and department consent to a scheduled class PDF 5/13/16
Modifying an Ordered Class Modifying an ordered class section's meeting pattern and instructor PDF 9/29/16
Cancelling a class section PDF 6/16/16


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