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Records and Enrollment Training Materials

ATTENTION: Read this important update regarding the list of training materials below due to the 2018 Catalyst system upgrade.

Please Note: The following documents have been created in conjunction with university business process documents provided and governed by the Registrar's Office.

Last Updated
Catalyst Glossary
New system terminology for Catalyst
Introduction to Catalyst
Prerequisite course on the basic navigation of the new Catalyst system View Online Course
Grading Basis Description of grading scales
PDF 3/8/17
One Stop and Registration Sites ONLY Calculating residency PDF 3/15/16
Term Activating a Student PDF 5/10/19
Student grade replacement PDF 3/15/16
Performing enrollment actions through quick enroll PDF 3/15/16
Quick admitting a student PDF 7/9/18
Records and Enrollment Student Grade Change Audit PDF
Maintaining students in a student group PDF
Viewing a Student's Enrollment Message PDF
Viewing a Student's To-Do List PDF
Viewing Student Holds PDF
Class Permissions (student-specific) PDF
Viewing a Student's Academic Standing PDF
Viewing a Student's Enrollment History PDF
Viewing a Student's Honors and Awards PDF
Viewing a Student's Awarded Degree PDF
Viewing student grade replacement PDF
Viewing Student Term Activation Record PDF 5/10/19
Entering and viewing comments PDF
Adding a Student's Program/Plan (CPP Stack) Student request certificate(s) PDF 7/5/16
Student requests second major at another college (no formal admission process) PDF 7/7/16
Modifying a Student’s Program/Plan (CPP Stack) Academic Sub-Plan changes PDF 7/5/16
Deferring admission to a future term after matriculation PDF 7/5/16
Discontinuing a Program-Plan stack PDF 7/5/16
Program change within the same college PDF 7/5/16
Processing plan changes within the same college PDF 7/5/16
Plan changes into a plan being offered in a future term within the same college PDF 7/5/16
Request second major within the same college PDF 7/5/16
Removal of a second academic plan within the same college PDF 7/5/16
CPP Stack Tips & Tricks Career numbers
PDF 11/28/16
Effective dates PDF 11/28/16
Term dates PDF 7/17/16
Terminology PDF 11/28/16
Viewing Records and Enrollment
Viewing class rosters PDF 12/13/18
Viewing enrollment requirement groups PDF 12/13/18
Viewing instructor schedules PDF 12/10/18
Viewing instructor-advisor table PDF 12/13/18
Viewing student grades PDF 12/10/18
Viewing term history PDF 12/13/18

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