Welcome to the Children's Cognitive Research lab.

We are part of the Center for Cognition, Action & Perception (CAP) and directed by Dr. Heidi Kloos, associate professor in psychology at the University of Cincinnati.

Our research team studies the basics of knowledge development and children's STEM learning, using the lens of complex systems and network theory.

Area of Research:

  • Math Learning: The Role of Math Practice
  • Science Learning: How The Mind Learns About The World
  • Learning to Read: Precursors and Remediation

Our main collaborators:


Our long-term goal is to bridge basic research and real-world learning. The challenges are obvious: Many children struggle with math and science, even reading. Effective changes to our education system are slow to come, and we are far from understanding how the mind learns. To meet these challenges, we partner with an interdisciplinary team of individuals committed to improving learning. Check out our studies to learn about our progress.