Resident Urbanists
Michaele Pride
Michaele Pride’s research focuses on the social and political implications of urban design and the dynamics of neighborhood change. Translating theory to practice, she continues to advise neighborhoods and local governments across the United States. Michaele is perhaps best known for her community-based design work in the months and years following the 1992 Los Angeles riots, helping to coordinate participatory processes and leading the volunteer efforts of the design community through the Design Professionals Coalition.
Terry Grundy
Terry Grundy is director of community impact at United Way of Greater Cincinnati and adjunct associate professor of community planning in the School of Planning at the University of Cincinnati. He is the founder or co-founder of the Community Building Institute, the Community Research Collaborative, the Greater Cincinnati Microenterprise Initiative, Place Matters, Community Investment Partners, the Greater Cincinnati Housing Alliance. He is called on by community foundations, local governments, young professional organizations, and community develop groups to provide training and consultation in asset-based community development strategies and in the Urbanist approach to bringing vitality back to older American cities.