Cincinnati Playscapes Project

Recent research by educators, pediatricians,and sociologists indicate that many children in America experience a lack of unstructured outdoor play time. Deprivation of quality play time and disconnection from nature can be detrimental to children’s physical and mental health and lessen opportunities for cognitive and creative growth.

The Cincinnati Playscapes Project, with a generous grant from Harriette Williams Downey Fund, addressed this lack by conceiving two playscapes that united the resources of the natural world with learning opportunities and free play time for young children. Collaboration between the Cincinnati Nature Center, the University of Cincinnati Arlitt Center Preschool, and the Community Design Center integrated expertise in landscape interventions, children’s development, and community participation. The two proposed playscapes, located at the Cincinnati Nature Center and the Arlitt Center respectively, will serve as models and inspiration for future playscape design at the community, municipality, or private level.

Arlitt Board

Additional Informaion
Introduction to the Playscape Project
What is a Playscape?
Empirical Evidence in Support of Nature Play

Read the full report documenting the CDC's work on the playscape project (report draft last updated 9-18-09)

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