Campus Food Research Project

Based on the results of a previous analysis, this project studied both the food system and food management practices at the University of Cincinnati. The objective of this research was to understand the components of the food system, to make a diagnosis of the processes, to evaluate food management, and to determine how food management could be improved.

Some of the issues we examined with this research include:

1. Production and Distribution: local food purchase; farm-to-college or composting initiatives; types of food purchased: processed vs. organic.

2. Consumption: what type of food are we eating; proportion of processed vs. organic, meat vs. vegetables; how many meals are being served; historical records; food security management processes; nutrition facts; packaging.

3. Disposal: how do we disposal food waste; how many tons do we produce during the year; do we donate or sell any food waste; food scrap management alternatives; landfill location and historical statistic data.

4. Student Organizations: how environmental committees and student organization are involved in the decision making process; participation in menu design, food quality, and recycling programs.

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Food Facts

In order to focus on regional food issues, an annual Food Cogress is held, and a Food Policy Council is being formed. Visit the Cincinnati Food Congress page for more information.