Midwest Mayors' Institute on City Design (1999-2001)

Between 1999 and 2001, the Community Design Center led the Midwest Regional Mayors' Institute on City Design. Funded by a major grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, the U.S. Conference of Mayors, and the American Architectural Foundation the College invited six mayors from mid-sized cities in the region to work with nationally known experts in Urban Design, Economic Development, Environmental Sustainability, Transportation Planning, and other disciplines. The goal of the event is to empower Mayors, as their city's "chief designer", to be able to make and to encourage knowledgeable urban design and development decisions. Staff made site visits to each city, and worked with each Mayor to develop problem statements to be addressed in the three-day event. Experts and Mayors analyzed and made recommendations on each city's development concerns and experts provided resource presentations in their area of expertise. Urbanist and Architect Stan Allen provided the keynote lecture to the Mayors and a college-wide audience.

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Mayor Morris Lanning, Moorhead, MN
Mayor Karen Hasara, Springfield, IL
Mayor Marilou Smith, Kettering, OH
Mayor Chuck Canfield, Rochester, MN
Mayor John Stozich, Findlay, OH
Mayor Fred Nielsen, Muskegon, MI
Mayor Debra Powell, E. St. Louis, IL
Mayor Russell Lloyd, Evansville, IN
Mayor John Antaramian, Kenosha, WI
Mayor Jack Kellogg, Marion, OH
Mayor Gary Loster, Saginaw, MI
Village President Catherine Melchert, Bartlett, IL
Ryan Kolb, Zhang Ying, Sandesh Samdaria, Frank Russell

Don Zuchelli, ZHA Inc
Maurice Cox, U. of Virginia
Dianne Dale, U. of Virginia
Brenda Scheer, U. of Cincinnati
Udo Greinacher, U. of Cincinnati
Michael Sorkin, New York City
Robert Levin, U. of Michigan
Mark Robbins, N.E.A
Christine Saum, National MICD
Mayor Roxanne Qualls, Cincinnati
Ross Tilghman, TDA Illinois
Frank Russell, Institute Director
Robert Richardson, City of Cincinnati
Stan Allen, Field Operations
Doug Kelbaugh, University of Michigan
Cindy Holler, Fannie Mae
Andrew Baque, Kent State University
Christine Saum, National MICD
Jane Wolf, Ohio State University