Venice Pizza Project
Venice Pizza is a community restaurant located at 1301 Vine Street in Over-the-Rhine. It provides both nutritious food alternatives as well as job training and employment opportunities for neighborhood residents. The storefront business advances the effort to revitalize Vine Street and promote community development. This project was made possible by the donations of many individuals, organizations, and benefits from the collaboration of residents, professionals, students and faculty of Power Inspires Progress, ReStoc, Miami Center for Community Engagement, and the University Community Design Center and College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning.

The Niehoff Urban Studio and the Community Design Center assisted PIP in creating the restaurant through academic studio work and technical outreach. Interior design students led by Adjunct Professor Carrie Biedleman provided schemmatic interior design proposals for PIP during the Winter 2004 quarter. With funding from the UC Institute for Community Partnerships, the Community Design Center was able to hire a Co-op interior design student, who, under the supervision of CDC Director and Architect Frank Russell, was able to create construction documents for building permit application. In the Summer and Fall quarters of 2004 a "Design-Build" studio of DAAP Architecture students led by Assistant Professor Terry Boling created and installed interior finishes in the restaurant. During this same period Miami University Architecture students collaborated to provide "Design-Build" work for much of the interior framing of the restaurant and complete interior design and construction of the restaurant office and training rooms.
Design-Build and contract construction work continued through Spring of 2005.

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Faculty Involved:
University of Cincinnati: Carrie Biedleman, Terry Boling, Frank Russell
Miami University: Tom Dutton, Robert Bell

Miami University Students Involved:
Charlotte Bornhorst, Nicole Brown, Nicholas Elster, Brad Kaiser, Alex Kolakowski, Ellisa Masin, Neil Sanders Charles Veneklase, Libby Weisenberg, Michelle Cisar, Mark Momper, Lauren Davis, Rusty Slovenec,
Jennifer Dort, Jonathan Pietro, Aaron Schielke, Michael Frederick, Matt Charney, Jill Greenwood,
Jabari Garland, Dan Bolohan, Robert McNabb, Chang Liu

University of Cincinnati Students Involved:
Julia Bryan, Lauren Farquhar, Claire Collier, Sarah Knapke, Rebecca Delaplane, Lauren Kelsch, Chris Sommers, Timmy Carlin, Rob Conner, Ben Crabtree, Brian Gernetzke, Craig Hamilton, Jessica Kersting, Michael Mclaughlin, Eli Meiners, Ashley Murphy, Ian Ramous, Kevan Rutledge, Kate Votava, Michael Wagner, Travis Wollet, Emily Wray, Matt Zeire, John Back, Matt Brown, Meghan Conover, Shaun Evans, Dominic Iacobucci, Brandon Kelly, Stephanie Kroger, Travis Little, Barret McClish, Jerry Sabatini, Kevin Schreur,
Greg Snyder, Carlos West