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SEGOE Symposium on Smart Growth: Sustainable Food Systems

The Community Design Center administered the 2009-10 Segoe Symposium on Smart Growth. This is a lecture series, originating in the University of Cincinnati School of Planning, now in its ninth year which provides the public a free venue for hearing experts discuss and debate topics related to urban and metropolitan development in SW Ohio.

This particular lecture featured Kami Pothukuchi, Ph. D., who is an Associate Professor and founding director of SEED Wayne (Sustainable Food Systems Education and Engagement in Detroit and Wayne State University), a campus-community partnership dedicated to building more sustainable food systems. She discussed her research on the links between food and
community and economic development including
urban agriculture, community food assessments,
local policy and planning. 70 people attended the
SEGOE symposium and remained for a reception
sponsored by Slow Food Cincinnati. Other sponsors
of the event included the Greater Cincinnati Food
Policy Development Group, The Nutrition Council
, the Corporation for Findlay Market, the Civic
Garden Center, and CORV.