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Broadway Commons District Study Exhibit at the Architectural Foundation of Cincinnati

The Broadway Commons District Study exhibit summarized the one-year investigation focusing geographically on the impact areas that surround the Cincinnati casino site, rather than the design of the casino site itself. The Study identifies four focus areas: the Casino Fringe, Justice Zone, Main Street (OTR), and Pendleton.

This was conducted by the partnership between Bridging Broadway and the University of Cincinnati Community Design Center, commissioned by the City of Cincinnati to solve the question of how the investment and energy of the casino development can create a positive, synergistic relationship with the residential neighborhoods and business districts that surround it, promoting economic development, improving quality of life, and enhancing a sense of place.

The exhibition was held at the Architectural Foundation Cincinnati at 811 Race Street and was open from September 14th to October 10th, weekdays 11am to 3pm.

For more information, view the project page or contact:

Bridging Broadway
tel. 513.549.3497
President Stephen Samuels

Community Design Center
tel. 513.556.3282
Director Frank Russell