Fleeting Landscape: A photography exhibit by Craig Moyer

Fleeting Landscape is a collection of large format color photographs of the abandoned landscape of the American Midwest. The ruined structures, which litter the landscape, are a fleeting memory of a bygone era. They are symbols of the shift from an industrialized manufacturing-based economy, to the service-based economy of the postindustrial world. The exhibit explores not only the beauty of decaying structures, but also the ramifications of the post-industrial society and how deindustrialization has forever altered the physical and social landscape of American cities.

Craig Moyer has been photographing and documenting abandoned buildings for nearly a decade throughout the United States. His photographs are captured on film, with a large format view camera. He is a student of Urban Planning at the University of Cincinnati’s college of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning and enjoys studying a multitude of subjects including Planning, Architecture, Product Design, and Industrial Design.

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