UC Food System Focus Group

The Community Deisgn Center has been researching the current food system in place at the Univeristy of Cincinnati. Last year a document was produced that analyzed the opportunities for improvement as well as compared the university's food system performance with other campuses and colleges across the country.The issues highlighted were food production, distribution, consumption, management and waste.

The next step for this project involves creating a set of set of recommendations regarding sustainable food and green initiatives on campus. The focus group was organized to educate participants about certain aspects of the UC Food System as well as discuss concerns and brainstorm ideas as to what a set a recommentations may include.

We have a great opportunity to impact the way we eat at UC because our Food Supplier's Contract is coming to an end next year.Therefore, our reccomendations have a chance to be considered and implemented in the short term. Read more about Lizbeth's Campus Food Project.

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