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GRASS Market

The GRASS Market was an attempt to show and sell some of the goods of some of Cincinnati’s most creative crafters, designers, and artists. Inspired by design students who felt that Cincinnati talent was going unrecognized, the event featured different booths with vendors like Poncho Rose’s authentic handmade clothing, Vein’s vintage and handmade unisex jewelry, Maggie Paxton’s street-style accessories, Floyd Freshdaily Johnson’s photography, and screen printing and Milk Money, the literary magazine.

Other vendors included

  • Clark Wellington (photography)
  • Haircuts by Dita
  • Lizadu and Helo! (handmade children’s wear and accessories)
  • On the Prowl Vintage (mindblowing vintage)
  • TBS Mopeds
  • Tallboy Bicycles
  • Tree and Kimball (handmade and vintage accessories)
  • Request Leather/Sentiments Rock City (custom leather)
  • Jase Flannery (print maker)
  • Duban (photography)
  • Hollingsworth & Sprague (found art + photography)
  • McConnell (art and knits)
  • Lindsey (vintage)
  • Dave (potted succulents and macro photos and postcards)