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Another Great Street in Camp Washington

This team was assigned to transform the Spring Grove Ave into a "Great Street" and establish a sense of “place.” They looked at the length of Spring Grove Avenue through Camp Washington, with special attention to the area in front of the KAO factory and the part passing site 2 at the northern end of the neighborhood.

They generated three alternative plans to implement on Spring Grove: The Streetscape Redevelopment Plan, The Art Avenue, and The Eco-Friendly Avenue. Under the Streetscape Redevelopment Plan they proposed enhancements such as landscaping, lighting, bike paths, and gateways. For the Art Avenue they proposed a combination of different elements to highlight the unique districts in the area such as murals painted; special lighting to highlight unique and special architectural features; and sculptures in the intersections reflecting the unique history of the area or of businesses that currently reside there. The last plan creates an Eco-Friendly Avenue by taking advantage of energy and conservation alternatives.

Read the project report.

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