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The Highway Interchange at Hopple and I-75

This student team’s work focused on the Hopple Street and the I-75 Interchange Plan as an opportunity for future growth and vision for the area. It is a major interchange exit for access to the University of Cincinnati, Uptown, and Camp Washington, and the students' work reflects this significance. Their plan attempts to improve and redevelop areas around the realigned interchange as well as to connect it to the surrounding neighborhoods. To accomplish that they proposed new development scenarios both east and west of I-75, a network of pedestrian and bike paths to connect Camp Washington to Uptown, while also creating a “gateway” to the region through a network of green infrastructure elements (detention basins, rain gardens, and systems of swales) and identifiable landmarks/buildings. The plan for the interchange also includes visions for future growth of the region including a multi-modal transportation hub at a future light rail stop. The engineering students referred them to Kentucky’s SD-1 (Sanitation District) where they acquired the understanding of how to integrate the use of green infrastructure in a unique and practical way.

Read the project report.

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