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Improving Overpasses, Underpasses Along the Corridor

For her final project, this student borrowed the "Complete Street" concept in order to look at ways to improve highway overpasses, railroad underpasses, and the Hopple Street Viaduct to create more cohesion along the corridor. She "...also looked at the idea of incorporating public art and murals into the urban landscape in these areas" as the numerous ones that the Social and Public Art Resource Center has produced throughout Los Angeles.

Currently, these structures are unwelcoming to pedestrians and cyclists, creating mental and physical barriers to movement. She looked at design improvements that would create a welcoming space that facilitates movement and helps to rebuild the boundaries of neighborhoods that were divided by highways and rail construction over the years. She attempted to investigate issues of accessibility, barriers, lighting, safety, color and public art. For that she looked at best practices and examples of over and underpasses that work well in other cities.

Read the project report.

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