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Making the Corridor Into a Parkway

The student looked at the corridor as " integral part of the City of Cincinnati transportation network and as a route that is often underappreciated by those who regularly traverse it." Since it is an important east-west connection he "...saw the corridor as an opportunity to create a non-interstate, elegant transportation route, connecting these many features." With his plan, he attempts to create a "parkway, incorporating the features which the Cincinnati Park Board often incorporates into parkways and boulevards throughout the city." In order to accomplish that he used as a precedent the 1907 publication A Park System for the City of Cincinnati by George Kessler. He also received some input from engineering students, the staff of the Department of Transportation and Engineering of the City of Cincinnati, and Councilwoman Qualls’s comments regarding the proposed Hopple Street interchange.

His project consists of comprehensive improvements for the corridor, such as lighting unification, street tree planting, power line relocation, new/enhanced gateways, and a unique name with a historical context. In the segment of Madison Road between the DeSales Corner Neighborhood Business District and the O’Bryonville Neighborhood Business District he proposed a "Grand Residential Boulevard," which "would create a truly elegant parkway with scenic vistas through the corridor." He also proposed bridge and viaduct enhancements, and interchange I-71 and I-75 improvements.

Read the project report.

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